Modern Storytelling. An Update.

Stories change, but the song remains the same at Haberman.

It’s really more of an anthem, something that started when our journey began nearly 20 years ago. Stories connect. Stories inspire. Stories compel people to take action. Why? Because people relate to stories through their emotions. Authentic stories get inside a person and hold tight, ready to spring out at a moment’s notice and spread through communities and cultures.

We redesigned our website to celebrate these stories. Our mission is to tell the stories of pioneers making a difference in the world, and as you’ll discover, the pioneering individuals and organizations we work with are doing extraordinary things in the world today.

Our new website also features Haberman’s updated brand identity, which builds on earlier versions and introduces a refreshed look and feel with a new logo, color palette and typography.

Check back as we add new stories and post updates on our clients and how we’re helping them fulfill their missions. We’ll highlight pioneering trends and topics too.

As the song lyric says, “Every time that wheel turn round, bound to cover just a little more ground.”

So true. For modern storytelling, the journey continues.