Gardens at work: a national movement takes root.

Working hands. Active bodies. Expanding minds. Change in the workplace. That’s what Haberman envisioned when it started a garden for employees and encouraged other companies to join an expanding national movement. Employer-sponsored gardens are a model for how businesses can provide a unique, healthy and practical workplace benefit, as well as educate employees about the health and societal benefits of eating fresh, sustainably produced food, simply by putting shovels and seeds in their hands. In many ways, the workplace is an ultimate “community-based” environment for discovering healthier, affordable eating practices. Gardens extend the possibilities even further. Today, the Haberman garden continues to thrive, adjusting each year and providing employees with fertile ground for personal growth and effective team building. Extra produce is donated to area food shelves.

A Hands-On Approach to Health and Wellness
The Haberman garden, known as the Dude Ranch, ranked among the Best HR Ideas for 2010 by HR Executive.

Great Team Building
Great things happen when companies plant seeds in the earth. Employees grow and flourish with fresh ideas and energy.

More Than Work
In 2012, Haberman storytellers enjoyed a weeknight garden party in the garden with appetizers, entrees and desserts made from garden produce.