Allison Sipple

Digital Strategist

Once upon a time, a girl jumped out of an airplane and landed at Haberman. True story.

Well, sort of a true story. Though her stint in the University of Wisconsin Skydiving Club was brief, Alli’s yen for adrenaline-fueled adventure still influences her work as a digital strategist at Haberman.

Alli brings social genius, website prowess and a passion for copywriting to her role at Haberman, where she has helped dozens of clients create and nurture their digital personae. Alli offers a unique perspective on digital strategy; one that challenges clients to transform their tried-and-true stories into compelling brand experiences.

Prior to joining Haberman, Alli worked for Bolin Marketing and GE Healthcare, honing her skills by representing an enviable list of big-name brands and products. But her love for writing precedes her professional track record – Alli won multiple creative writing awards, beginning in elementary school. Her college thesis (a short-story collection) was recognized as one of the best in her class.

Allison Sipple holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and strategic communication from the University of Wisconsin– Madison and enjoys travel, guitar and a variety of cheese- and badger-related activities.