Brendan Ciatti-Miller

Account Supervisor

Imagine you’re pin #1 on Lane 16 at Memory Lanes in south Minneapolis. Standing 60 feet away, Brendan Ciatti-Miller begins his release. What do you suppose the ball looks like heading your way? Pretty simple. Straight, no spin, every time. It’s how he approaches bowling. And just about everything else.

Born in New York City, Brendan moved to Minnesota as a kid and grew up in northeast Minneapolis. He attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison and doubled majored in communications and history with a minor in European studies. Within communications, his focus was film studies.

Favorite film? Dr. Strangelove, of course. “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here; this is the war room!” Even a few minutes discussing film and TV with Brendan reveals a rich knowledge of the medium and a wicked fast retrieval of all manner of trivia and hilarity. He calls himself more of a cinematography guy, meaning he loves to get lost in the visuals of storytelling – the way the image is framed, the colors, lighting, depth of field. That’s why Stanley Kubrick and P.T. Anderson make his A-list for directors.

At Haberman, Brendan brings this fluid, well-crafted sensitivity to storytelling in his role as account supervisor. He relishes the chance to work on brands making a positive impact in the world, which is something he experienced early on in his career at Clarity Coverdale Fury working on the anti-smoking efforts of QUITPLAN and Clearway Minnesota. Brendan has also spent time at local ad agencies Preston Kelly and Hunt Adkins.

And no introduction to Brendan would be complete without mention of basketball. He played it as a kid, still hits the hard court as an adult and is definitely in the mix as the Minnesota Timberwolves #1 fan. For instance, at his hoops-themed 3rd grade birthday party, he decorated his t-shirt as a #24 Pooh Richardson T-Wolves jersey. Has anyone ever done that before? No, probably not.

But that’s how Brendan likes to roll. You know where he stands and what he likes. Straight, no spin.