Clarissa Hernandez


Come to find out, Austin city limits extend all the way to Minneapolis. Or at least that’s how Clarissa Hernandez sees it. Always something to do? Outdoor activities galore? Great restaurants? Music and more music? Yep, if it weren’t for January, the two cities would be nearly interchangeable.

Clarissa grew up in Austin and attended the University of Texas where she studied journalism and design. She started her career at an Austin-based nonprofit, the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Experience on a variety of projects, including a teen campaign, convinced Clarissa of two things. One, that she should further develop her graphic design skills. And two, that she should transition from client side to creative. So she relocated to Minneapolis and attended Brainco to focus on design.

The present day looks like this. Words + pictures beautifully combined. Ideas brought to life in as many different, unexpected and delightful ways as possible. Case in point is a creative exercise Clarissa and two friends took upon themselves. They went to the Ax-Man Surplus Store in St. Paul and gave themselves $5 and 10 minutes to find raw materials for designing a new typeface. In two hours. Clarissa chose springs. A new typeface was born.

At Haberman, Clarissa is applying her creative energies to a wide range of projects, from brand identity to print and digital design. Typography is a constant passion, and it doesn’t take much prompting to find out her favorite letter is the lowercase “g” and that one of her least favorite typefaces is Gill Sans. So don’t be looking for that sans-serif in her work anytime soon.

Before coming to Haberman, Clarissa worked at Preston Kelly and Periscope. Previous account experience includes HealthPartners, Medtronic, Mall of America, Be The Match (National Marrow Donor Program), Arctic Cat and Cummins.

Join her for a Shiner Bock at the Acadia Café in Minneapolis. Or head to the Turf Club in St. Paul for live music, a long-standing interest. Dinner at El Taco Riendo in northeast? Why not. This Texan is doing everything she can to enjoy life in both the Lone Star State and the North Star State.