Craig Nordeen

Senior Designer

As a senior designer and illustrator for Haberman, it’s not surprising that Craig’s creativity knows no boundaries.

Growing up in Superior, Wis., Craig’s living room wall became an abstract Sistine Chapel, complete with richly shaded crayon motifs and chewing gum relief work (much to his parents’ frustration).

These prodigy-like skills foreshadowed many more years of Craig’s artistic development. A grand prize-winning entry for a fourth grade poster contest became the launching point for a high-profile career.

Despite his cheese head roots, Craig is not a fan of classic cheddar, Colby or Camembert – he prefers the relatively blank canvas of mozzarella. Craig applies the same philosophy to his art: create something beautiful from scratch and let the imagery speak for itself, without being stifled by ordinary conventions.

Craig is well versed in all aspects of creative thinking and execution – including design, illustration, animation and interactive development. But Craig is not just a pretty picture painter. He believes art should spark new ideas and conversations – an active force for good rather than simple window-dressing.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Craig got a taste for the agency business at Minneapolis-based Carmichael Lynch Spong, where he created memorable print and interactive campaigns for American Standard, Trane, Hasbro and many other clients.

Outside the office, Craig Nordeen loves creating art for the people and causes he loves. He painted a full-room mural for his son, which got noticed by a local television station. He also contributes his skills to nonprofit organizations such as St. David’s Center and House of Charity.