Jeff Heegaard

Strategic Business Development & Partnerships

What do you call a guy who believes the current economy is unsustainable, the environment is in peril, governments are paralyzed and democracy is in danger? If you’re talking about Jeff Heegaard, who most certainly holds these views, the right word is optimist. Jeff believes that growing complexity creates an abundance of opportunity for smart leaders to build a better world.

According to Jeff, these new leaders are innovative and passionate pioneers who have a high tolerance for change and positive visions for the future. A lifetime of seeing pioneers succeed in start-ups and turnarounds – and a healthy dose of global travel – has shaped his hopeful yet realistic worldview. His impressive professional career, initially working for a Fortune 500 and later in many different roles within small business, nonprofits and foundations, rounds out his perspective.

Jeff’s optimism — and his natural ability to connect with pioneers — is precisely why he is building Strategic Business Development & Partnerships at Haberman. Forever curious and open to collaboration, Jeff works to find new partners and game-changing ideas, nudging Haberman to explore new frontiers. Ultimate satisfaction for Jeff comes when Haberman storytellers capture the positive momentum created by today’s pioneers and tells their success stories. After all, success inspires more success, and that’s what it will take for communities, states, countries and the world itself to become better places for generations that follow.

So take that, pessimism. The story Jeff is helping shape at Haberman is infused with both the wisdom of his experience and the energy to keep doing more.

Family comes first for Jeff. Married to his wife Lucy for a couple of decades and the father of three, Jeff shares his love of travel and adventure with his family. In 2013, he will continue one of his life goals of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a journey he has taking in segments with each of his three children.

Jeff graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a B.A. in Liberal Arts/Communications and is a 2007-2008 Humphrey Policy fellow.