Jen Jagielski

Project Manager/Production Manager

All it takes is a glance to realize that Jen Jagielski is a motorcycle enthusiast. Most days, her helmet is on her desk. She enjoys the freedoms and efficiencies that motorcycling provides, in both long-distance traveling and in her daily commute (because she loves using the HOV lane). As a more disciplined form of transportation, Jen is well suited to motorcycling because of the precision and skill required to be a safe rider.

These traits are evident in her professional life as well. Jen is a self-proclaimed organizational junkie whose lifelong pursuit of finding faster, better and cheaper solutions for complex processes and problems led her to become a project manager at Haberman.

The way Jen sees it, project management is more than just planning and organization – it’s a multidisciplinary pursuit that encompasses staff motivation, resourcefulness, creative problem solving, resource prioritization and client satisfaction. She’s always looking for a better way to deliver excellent work to clients, on time and on budget, and she’ll often recommend unconventional process improvements in order to achieve these common goals.

Prior to joining Haberman, Jen was director of project management for Minneapolis-based Ideas that Kick, and also a project manager for Duffy & Partners. Focusing on branding and design during the past 10 years has given her a strong production background that has helped her manage teams large and small.

In addition to touring the U.S. and Europe with her husband on their BMW motorcycles, Jen also enjoys gardening, drinking craft beers and overdosing on anything chocolate. She’s also a home improvement enthusiast who loves tinkering around the house because, like project management, fixing up an old house is a challenging puzzle in search of a better way.

Jen holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and attended design school at St. Paul’s College of Visual Arts.