John Tuttle

Technology and Facilities Director

Remember that guy in college or high school who was friends with everybody, had tons of records, went by his cool last name, could play sports really well, wrote and played music, knew how to take things apart and put them back together, always had time to talk and listen, and somehow got good grades without studying that much?

John Tuttle was one of those guys. He still is. And Haberman is lucky to have him.

At Haberman, Tuttle manages operations and technology. He builds websites for some clients and creates social media and search engine optimization platforms for others. He makes sure the storytellers understand the latest tech trends and cracks open their computers and installs bizarre amalgamations of open source software and weirdly patched codes concocted by a cabal of tech geeks only Tuttle knows. He’s kind of like the MacGyver of marketing communications, only he doesn’t have his own show in syndication.

Prior to joining Haberman, Tuttle was a founder and vice president of technology for yourexpedition where he developed, implemented and managed logistics and all technology for the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition across Antarctica. He developed the website that enabled schoolchildren worldwide to follow the trek and communicate with the explorers. That was back in 2000; today, the phrase for that strategy is “social media.”

In his spare time, Tuttle builds custom guitars and plays in the band Taluqua. He and his wife have three children who seem to be friends with everybody, have tons of records, play sports really well, write music … hmmm. Tuttle is a graduate of Colorado College with a bachelor’s degree in geology.