Laura Leistikow

Digital Project Manager

Why doesn’t Paul Bunyan have a Facebook profile? Bemidji, Minn. native Laura Nefs believes that could be one reason why the mythical lumberjack’s popularity is slipping, particularly among the coveted 18-25 demographic.

While growing up in the wilds of the north woods, Laura developed an intense love for all sorts of critters (even snakes), mostly because they would not interrupt her long-winded presentations of the day’s events. As an only child, Laura spent much of her time learning the ins-and-outs of making small talk wherever and with whomever she could, a skill that has served her well in the professional world.

Rather than using social media as simply one tactic in the marketing and public relations arsenal, Laura believes having a strong online identity on a larger scale is essential for customer and stakeholder communication. Ignoring interactive media or social networking, Laura says, is the equivalent of going to a trade show and standing in a corner alone, ignoring your potential customers.

Laura brings diverse marketing experiences to Haberman, with an emphasis on nonprofit communications, project management and social media strategy. In her prior role with Duluth, Minn.-based advertising agency SwimCreative, Laura helped create an online campaign to promote a new tourism website for the nearby Gunflint Trail. Prior to working in an agency, Laura served as a community relations specialist and event coordinator for Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

At Haberman, Laura lends her expertise to InCommons/Bush Foundation, GREATER MSP, Minnesota Reading Corps, New Ulm, and BOISE CHOICES to name a few. If she could make one lasting change in the world, Laura would “help every human have the access and the means to the health care they needed, to live longer, fuller, more impactful lives.”