Leslie Sweetland

Executive Assistant and HR Associate

You’re on a plane, waiting to depart, headed to Maui. A fellow traveler approaches and takes the seat next to you. In a moment or so, she’ll introduce herself as Leslie. And before the plane touches down at Kahului, you will have had one of the best conversations of your life. Your facial muscles will be sore from laughing.

That’s how it goes spending five minutes or five hours with Leslie Sweetland. You laugh. You learn. You bring in others to join the fun. Friends. Family. Coworkers. Neighbors. Neighbors of neighbors. Right now, in fact, you’re very likely inside six degrees of separation from Leslie, probably closer to two or three than a half dozen.

What’s the connection? It might be traveling (Maui is one of Leslie’s favorite destinations; she’s been there five times). Or concerts (she loves live music, from U2 and Elton John to Mötley Crüe and a new fave, Blue October). It could be childhood days in East St. Paul (she camped overnight at Musicland on Suburban Avenue for Madonna tickets). Or previous employment – Fallon Worldwide, Duffy Design or earlier corporate positions. Or maybe just hanging in the backyard on a Saturday afternoon with neighborhood friends and Leslie, her husband and two kids.

At Haberman, Leslie wears many hats – executive assistant, HR associate and recruiting liaison. That makes for a busy workday, but Leslie takes it all in stride and keeps everyone around her sane and productive. You may be stressing, but not Leslie. In her own words, “I do not wig out.”

Last thing, and this is big – give her a call, would you? Leslie prefers direct communication instead of lengthy email chains and abbreviated texts. She never forgets a voice, even from years ago.

Now back to Maui. Before the plane lands, make sure and ask Leslie about her misadventures on The Road to Hana.