Lindsey Frey

Account Manager

From crafting inventive pitches to snarky wordsmithing, Lindsey Frey is one of Haberman’s most unique storytellers. Transforming clients, products and ideas into inspiring works of marketing artistry is Lindsey’s specialty, and her professional track record in television, writing and the arts makes her distinctly qualified for the role.

Lindsey approaches her client work with a combination of creativity and determination, which includes managing some of Haberman’s key sustainability accounts. She particularly enjoys working with clients who are making progressive changes to the food system or creating innovative business practices to solve existing issues.

She started her career on the “other side,” working first in production for PBS, then for a well-known Food Network program. She also spent several years working for a local cooperative grocer, an experience that has taught her the value of producer-distributor relationships and a need for better business practices in the food industry.

Always on the look out for a joke, Lindsey describes her lifelong passion for her work and interests as “combustible,” recalling with humor the month at age six when she simultaneously won a Young Authors Conference Award and caught on fire at a family celebration.

A magna cum laude graduate of Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn., Lindsey is a member of the academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa and winner of the William Peterson Prize for Journalism. When she’s not working, Lindsey likes to make stuff (usually with celluloid, yarn, fabric and/or words) and play for one of her many teams, including soccer, softball, broomball and kickball. She’s been known to knit at halftimes during her soccer games or sew matching jerseys for her teammates.