Rich McCracken

Account Director

The latest British invasion has landed at Haberman, and Rich McCracken is leading the charge. His early childhood in Liverpool – birthplace of the Titanic and a little-known rock band called the Beatles – forged his even-keel temperament and a love of bland food.

Rich contributes strategic leadership and planning for many of the firm’s health and wellness accounts. Throughout his career, Rich has worked on numerous public health initiatives, on behalf of diverse clients such as the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization, QUITPLAN Services and ClearWay Minnesota, a nonprofit tobacco-control organization.

Rich’s ability to identify and express strategic insights for these initiatives has been instrumental in developing effective marketing strategies. His keen sense for how to utilize audience-driven research has identified opportunities to make stronger emotional connections. He also understands how to manage major fully-integrated campaigns to insure that all communications efforts are working in complete unison.

From his humble origins as a self-proclaimed “lawn boy” for a small marketing firm at the tender age of 15, Rich pursued his quest for lifelong study of marketing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and later at Minneapolis’ own Augsburg College. He also enjoys teaching marketing at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In his spare time, Rich enjoys running, biking, time with family and agonizing over the tribulations of Liverpool Football Club.