Sarah Haberman


Sarah Bell Haberman, co-founder, brings the heart to the firm and is the perfect complement to husband and co-founder Fred Haberman who animates the firm’s soul. She’s the staff’s beacon of inspiration for how it interacts with one another and with the world.

Her philosophy and passion serves as the clarion call that reminds us that the stories Haberman tell are all part of a new collective dialogue that is emerging on the planet, that we are critical stewards in advancing this story and that our time together as storytellers is to be spent with mutual respect, love and enthusiasm.

She holds the vision of the inter-relatedness of all things and her spirit permeates everyday into the words Haberman storytellers share with media, the ideas they suggest to clients and encouragement they share with one another.

Outside the Haberman walls, Sarah is a fierce advocate for connecting things, concepts and people, seen and unseen, that are positively moving the world forward. Her love of remote wilderness experiences has led her around the globe, leading expeditions, starting an adventure travel company and now joyfully camping with her family.

Sarah is a member of the Social Venture Network and has served as a board member for The Center For Mindful Living (mindfulness community); Youth Frontiers (character education) and Honoring Women Worldwide (women’s leadership).

Sarah has helped create and develop the mission and vision of the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition and Tel.A.Vision, launch Volvo’s Your Concept Car (first car designed by women only) and promoted books by such thought leaders as Eric Utne, Sarah Susanka, Kevin Cashman and Barbara Marx Hubbard. A noted speaker, she has presented to organizations such as Heartland Inc.’s Thought Leader Gatherings, Northland Bioneers and Social Venture Network.

While Sarah takes great pride in her work, her true north remains her family and the gifts of both her son and daughter.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she holds a bachelor’s degree in human ecology.