Sarah Scharff

Creative Manager/Project Manager

It was a different time and a different place when William Butler Yeats penned his famous line, “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.” If he worked at Haberman in the present day (and we could definitely find him a desk and MacBook if such a thing were possible), he wouldn’t hold such a gloomy view. Because anarchy has no place in our world. Sarah Scharff sees to that.

Sarah is the creative department manager and a project manager at Haberman. When she got her start at Fallon Worldwide as a new college grad, it was her attention to the smallest details that helped her land the job.

“During the interview, they asked me if I knew how to book executive travel, and I hadn’t had much experience doing that. But that night, I bought a black travel tote and stuffed it with snacks and travel game and sent it to my future boss as a thank-you gift. I learned that sometimes creativity can win over the toughest audiences, and it’s served me well throughout my career.”

At Fallon, her clients included Purina, Holiday Inn Express, Georgia Pacific and National Car Rental. After leaving Fallon in 2008, Sarah worked at Duffy & Partners and ASI Communications.

At Haberman, her clients have included UnitedHealth Group, Washburn Center for Children, Minnesota Department of Health and many more.

Outside of the office, Sarah loves 1940s and 1950s movie musicals, particularly those featuring Gene Kelly. In fact, a personalized, autographed photo of Kelly graces Sarah’s desk at Haberman.

Sarah graduated from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn, with a bachelor’s degree in media communications.