Toccara Stark

Account Manager

Aristotle once wrote, “Every art and every investigation, and likewise every practical pursuit or undertaking, seems to aim at some good.” Such is Toccara’s inspiration for working in communications – to make a difference in our community and the world.

Growing up in rural southern Minnesota, Toccara Stark honed her creative vision to the sound of cool breezes blowing down the prairie, a perfect environment for thoughtful contemplation and big ideas. Small-town life also gave Toccara a great sense of how people’s well-being and happiness is inextricably connected to the land itself.

The pastoral landscapes of her childhood also inspired Toccara’s imagination, foreshadowing her storytelling career with a fourth-grade poetry award and countless “theatrical” performances for parents and grandparents.

Like many here at Haberman, Toccara’s path to the public relations profession was somewhat schizophrenic. Though she originally devoted herself to pre-med coursework – specializing in hematology – at St. Paul’s Macalester College, Toccara’s thirst for blood was short-lived as she felt driven to explore the love for writing she had cultivated since childhood.

After study abroad stints in Italy (which inspired a double minor in classical history) and Australia, the brainy Toccara decided an undergraduate degree was simply not going to cut it. So she returned to college – this time for a graduate degree in organizational leadership and strategic management.

Prior to joining Haberman, Toccara was a senior account executive at Weber Shandwick, specializing in grassroots community outreach for health and wellness clients, including the U.S. Army Medical Department and the American College of Surgeons.

Toccara loves to work with visionary organizations that are changing the world and making a difference in children’s lives. If she could make one lasting change in the world, it would simply be for everyone to recycle because it is a small step that makes a big difference.

Aristotle would have been proud of Toccara’s virtuous commitment to lifelong learning, self-improvement and knowledge sharing.