Toni Danielson

Digital Strategist

From Bulgaria to Dubai, Hungary to Lebanon, digital strategist Toni Danielson is well-versed in the common language of long-distance marketing and connectivity.

As an international globetrotter (no, not the basketball variety – though her husband was a professional hoopster), Toni has staked her claim to a unique online territory – the land of expatriate moms who want the Martha Stewart experience, despite living in countries with no Crate & Barrel on the horizon.

Toni is a co-founder of the blog Happy Hour Mom which captures the inspirations and aspirations of moms, with helpful hints and tips for party-planning, online product recommendations for brand-deprived expats and all the news busy moms need to stay on top of all the new ideas, trends, and products currently on the market.

In addition to having her blog featured on The Today Show, CNN, and MTV, Toni parlayed her knack for digital marketing into a media engagement specialist position at Minneapolis-based agency Kruskopf Coontz from 2010 until 2012. While at the agency, Toni developed and implemented digital marketing strategies for local corporate and nonprofit entities like BMW, MOFAS, Fuji Ya and Wilder Foundation.

When she’s not blogging or building brand momentum online for her clients, Toni enjoys sports, international travel, arts and crafts, and party planning. As her blog title might suggest, she’s also a proud mom who never misses an opportunity to share photos and stories about her son.

Toni holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.