Teenagers get “The Talk.” This time, from their peers.

Pioneering Story

The extent of most youth sexual education comes down to two things: a giggle-ridden sex ed class and “The Talk,” dreaded by most parents and their children. Every year, however, almost 6,000 teenagers in Minnesota find out they are pregnant, and almost 6,000 contract a sexually transmitted disease. Hennepin County decided it was time to make a change.


After getting a time-limited grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Hennepin County enlisted Haberman to increase proactive traffic to 19 clinics that provide sexual health services to youth and young adults.


Haberman created the fully integrated My Self My Health initiative and started with a unique vision – incorporate a Youth Leadership Board from the very beginning. This group of young people helped shape My Self My Health’s positive, empowering messages that promoted authenticity instead of the typical fear-based approach of most youth sexual health messaging. The resulting two-month, multi-channel campaign drove personal awareness and gave youth the tools and support needed to make smart decisions while empowering them to take charge of their sexual health.


  • Based on preliminary surveys, 35 percent of youth at clinics have seen the campaign, and nearly 20 percent said the campaign helped them make the decision to visit the clinic.
  • Developed an intensely-targeted, two-month campaign utilizing TV, video, website, social media advertising, Pandora, YouTube, community events, guerilla marketing, transit posters and fully wrapped buses, all pushing youth to a unique website experience via desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.
  • Assembled a Youth Leadership Board to guide campaign development. Ten teens and young adults contributed to messaging. Some were featured in the advertisements.
  • Initiated grassroots efforts to engage and mobilize youth, reaching thousands of young people with My Self My Health branded gear and information. Teenagers were also able to insert themselves into the campaign at grassroots photo booths.
  • Generated local buzz quickly. More than 20,000 Hennepin County visitors came to the website in the first two months, more than 5,000 people linked to specific clinic websites from myselfmyhealth.org, and the campaigned received more than 75,000 viewers of TV spots on YouTube in the first month alone.


Authentic Insight
Haberman enlisted a Youth Leadership Board, comprised of teens and young adults passionate about promoting sexual health.

Targeted Television
For seven weeks, two 30 second television commercials ran on cable and network affiliates on average nearly 250 times per week. Programming included BET, TLC, TX, TBS, E!, MTV, VH1 and more.



Outdoor Advertising
With bus wraps, transportation shelters and Mall of America signage, outdoor advertising engages teens and young adults where they hang out.

Responsive Website
An interactive website with responsive design helps youth find Hennepin County clinics and prepare for their visit on any device.

Pandora Advertising
In-app advertising on Pandora targeted teens and young adults to deliver the MySelf MyHealth at home or on the go.