Everyday heroes champion grassroots ideas for better health

Pioneering Story

Obesity and its associated chronic illnesses represent a growing epidemic and an important target for social change in America today – a task that has special resonance with the Haberman mission of making the world a better place. Based on year’s of experience in the health and wellness category, Haberman knows it takes more than the ordinary and expected media tools to change behavior.


As part of the national Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) program, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) sought a communications partner to create a new campaign featuring community interventions that support systems level change. Additionally, MDH wanted to launch the campaign in two separate, distinct geographies – Minneapolis and Olmsted County – with very different audiences.


Haberman created the “Making it Better” visual identity system and campaign to highlight real stories of people and communities doing more to promote healthy living – whether through physical activity, better nutrition or a little of both. Haberman used a hyper-local focus to showcase model behaviors and creative strategies for connecting food and physical activity efforts with healthier communities, guided by Haberman’s storytelling approach to communicating value and encouraging participation in the campaign.


  • Haberman created and executed the Making it Better Challenge, a contest to help identify and promote community success stories related to health and wellness. The top entrants were featured on the Making it Better website and in print ads, and received health-related prize packages.
  • Haberman generated nearly 20 million impressions among Minnesota residents in two targeted geographies – Minneapolis and Olmsted County – through print, radio and out-of-home advertising.
  • Haberman conducted post-campaign focus groups to gauge program and messaging effectiveness among key audiences; respondents characterized the campaign as “fun, unique and inspirational.”


Brand Identity and Advertising
Haberman created a unique Making it Better identity and ad campaign, showcasing real community members and authentic stories of connecting health and wellness to a better quality-of-life.

Targeted Community Outreach
Haberman reached a broad urban audience in Minneapolis with its out-of-home advertising at public transit stops, helping to strengthen the campaign’s community connection.

Challenge Reveals Additional Stories
Haberman created and implemented the Making it Better Challenge, a competition for the best ideas to bring communities together for better health outcomes. The Challenge drew hundreds of entries and thousands of user votes online.

Integrated Communications
The campaign included radio, television, online media, outdoor and direct mail to share the stories of Making it Better Challenge winners and their communities. One of the print ads is being featured in an exhibit opening in 2013 at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate. The museum uses award-winning exhibits and innovative programing to educate visitors about the value of public health, and presents the rich heritage and vast accomplishments of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) programs.