Reversing the course of diabetes in America today.

Pioneering Story

UnitedHealth Group serves more than 75 million Americans and through a family of six companies touches nearly every aspect of health care. In recent years, forward-thinking leaders at UnitedHealth Group began to see new opportunities for helping people take charge of their health.


Facing the fact that more than 79 million Americans – more than one in three adults – are at risk of developing diabetes, UnitedHealth Group formed the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA) with national partners. The DPCA established two programs – the Diabetes Prevention Program and the Diabetes Control Program. Haberman began working with UnitedHealth Group very early in the planning stages, providing strategic counsel, naming, brand identity and messaging.


Haberman created the NOT ME brand to engage audiences along a behavior change continuum spanning denial and fear (“Not me, I’m not at risk”) to hope and accomplishment (“Not me, I didn’t let diabetes ruin my health.”). A wide range of strategies and communications promoted NOT ME to individual program participants and their employers.


Brand Identity
Haberman created a comprehensive brand identity system for NOT ME documented by a brand book that explained graphics, typography, photo usage, co-branding possibilities and more. An in-depth language bank reinforced key messages and established consistency among alliance and program partners.

Comprehensive Support Materials
Supporting materials for NOT ME included employer and employee brochures, posters, print and electronic mailers, employer kickoff presentations, screening event materials and more.

Brand Anthem
A brand video supported the NOT ME launch, tapping into deep emotions and offering a powerful yet positive look at the benefits of taking charge of your health.

Reality Series
Partnering with video production company Met|Hodder, Haberman co-produced a 16-part reality series for on-demand cable. It’s a clinical study made available in two markets by NBC Universal and Comcast. Adapting components of the Diabetes Prevention Program for home use, the series engages people with the proven methodology and demonstrates practical steps that lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

PSA Series
Four PSAs aired in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012. This public service announcement, featuring actor Mark Feuernstein, ran in November 2011 during National Diabetes Month and was the first of the PSA series. The PSAs were co-produced with Met|Hodder.

Companion Program: JOIN for ME
Haberman also helped refine and launch a companion program focused on childhood obesity. JOIN for ME is a family-based program that teaches young people lifestyle skills that help them achieve a healthier weight and maintain it as they grow. Haberman created the brand mark, identity system, key messages and supporting collateral to support the program.