Jon Zurbey


Storytelling for Jon Zurbey is all about verbs. Hook. Connect. Grab. Engage. Move. Launch. Motivate. Drive. Inspire. These are action tales, stories that make you look twice, think hard and take action.

As an agency partner, Jon has told stories like that for years at Haberman.

Before he joined Haberman, Jon cut his teeth in Medtronic’s neurological division, where he promoted the company’s solutions for treating Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, incontinence, GERD and spasticity.

Complex material doesn’t phase him. He relishes the opportunity to immerse himself in a pioneering innovation or cause and get to the heart of the story. From there, he contributes strategic focus and counsel to every phase of the storytelling process.

Think you spotted a headline or news flash Jon might have missed? Probably not. Jon sets a high standard among Haberman storytellers for media consumption. Local or global, business or culture, Jon keeps himself, his colleagues and clients in the know.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Jon is an avid Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey fan. His summer passion is golf, but he’s been known to brave the elements in the colder seasons for an invigorating round or two if the opportunities present themselves (and they have, if you call golfing in 40° F or even 30° F weather an “opportunity,” this from the same guy who also golfed 100 holes in one day for a charity event). Year-round, he’s a devoted husband and father.

Jon attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and earned a B.A. in journalism.