Stacy Helseth

Office Manager and HR Associate

Behind the scenes at Haberman, Stacy Helseth is the one who makes the storytelling magic seem effortless.

As the firm’s operations manager, Stacy confidently handles all aspects of the company’s gleaming new office space, including (but not limited to) “shushing” boisterous storytellers when staff meetings get too rowdy. Stacy’s keen oversight extends to nearly every facet of the agency’s business – including accounts payable, facilities management and human resources.

Stacy joined Haberman in 2008, having completed the “maturity trifecta” of marriage, home ownership and career acquisition in just six short weeks. Knowing she could handle the biggest and most complicated milestones in life, Stacy was confident she could manage the affairs of the Haberman tribe.

Stacy earned her degree in environmental design from the University of Minnesota in 2007, which explains her laid-back, naturalistic approach to day-to-day office operations.

Just don’t leave a sink full of dirty dishes or an empty coffee pot in the kitchen, though, or you’ll get a taste of the killer instinct Stacy displays while playing competitive volleyball.